Dr. Man-Key Chang

Dr. Man-Key Chang is chairman of the Korea Human Development Institute in Seoul, South Korea. He is also founder and chairman of the Leadership Management Institute in Korea, chairman and founding president of the Korea Human Development Institute, and president of the Korea Russian Friendship Association.

Chairman Chang holds an MBA from Seoul National University and an honorary doctorate in environmental ecology from the United Nations Graduate School of Global Environment. He has served on the Presidential Committee on Social Cohesion and as an advisor to the International Center for Korean Culture. He has met with top Chinese leaders to discuss how North Korean isolation might be resolved through South Korean–Chinese cooperation.

For three decades, Chairman Chang’s weekly breakfast forums (over 1,800 so far) have drawn together thousands of top governmental, business, and educational leaders to discuss human development and pressing social issues.

Chairman Chang has held a wide variety of academic positions at universities in South Korea and in China. He has been a research fellow at the Civil Service Commission and is an advisor to the Peter Drucker Society of Korea. He has published several books and is the recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to business, education, and peace.