Transforming Ukraine Through a Peace-Based Approach

Igor Prodan, M.D.


  1. Achieving lasting peace through military power and diplomacy has proven to be elusive.
  2. The discovery of the 4th state of consciousness: A new foundation for lasting peace.
  3. Transcending: an effortless, natural, process that creates peace in the individual.
  4. The influence of consciousness is not localized within the individual brain: it influences the whole society.
  5. Destructive quality of consciousness creates destructive influence in the society, leading to crime, terrorism, and war.
  6. Peaceful individual consciousness, enhanced through TM practice, promotes peace in society.
  7. According to research, even 1% of a population practicing TM can bring stable peace to society.
  8. The key to social transformation is education. There is a double benefit to implementing TM in an educational setting. The individual benefits from enhanced brain functioning and improved academic performance; the society benefits from a powerful, peace-promoting influence, reducing crime and social conflict.


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