Whereas, during this first Global Peace Summit — Science and Peace: Proven Solutions to Violence and Social Conflict — more than 600 leading scientists, foremost educators, and political leaders gathered from across Ukraine and throughout the world to explore innovative, evidence-based solutions to the mounting global problems of violence and social conflict;

Whereas, an impressive array of field-tested solutions and promising new ideas were discussed and reviewed by the Global Assembly, spanning a broad range of field-tested approaches to education; security and defense; economics; revisions to our current social systems and governmental structures; and safeguarding civilization from the rising threats posed by global climate change;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Assembly of the Global Peace Summit unanimously calls for immediate implementation of these evidence-based, field-tested solutions, including the Brain-Based Approach to Peace (BBAP), which relieves acute stress and stress-driven violent, antisocial behavior on both the individual and societal levels. This approach has already been officially endorsed and formally implemented in 38 countries worldwide, including 22 countries in Latin America, where the BBAP has been implemented in public education, and in the training of the armies and national militia. The military application of BBAP includes collective practice of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation in special “Prevention Wings,” designed to neutralize societal stress and prevent the outbreak of war. The collective influence of harmony and social coherence produced by this technology of consciousness has been repeatedly demonstrated to prevent and halt terrorism and warfare, transforming violence-ridden nations into a state of lasting peace, with corresponding improvements in the economy, national health, and general quality of life.

A striking example of such a transformation was compellingly presented at this Summit by The Honorable Joaquim Alberto Chissano, the former President of Mozambique and Chair of the African Union.

The Assembly of the Global Peace Summit calls for the immediate widespread implementation of the Brain-Based Approach to Peace in the education and security systems of Ukraine.

Be it further resolved that the Assembly of the Global Peace Summit calls for the research and development of other promising evidence-based technologies, methodologies, programs, and ideas such as the “New Worldview Paradigm of Peace and Security,” which was eloquently presented by General Vasyl Krutov. The Assembly strongly supports conducting field trials and empirical research to scientifically establish the practical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of this and other promising new methods.

Be it further resolved that the Assembly of the Global Peace Summit endorses and subscribes to the reality of climate science, and supports all evidence-based methods and technologies to reduce the threats of global climate change for the peace and security of the human race.

Be it finally resolved that the Assembly of the Global Peace Summit calls on the governments of the world to partner with Global Union of Scientists for Peace to immediately fund and implement all these Resolutions to ensure the health, safety and security of every nation.

May lasting peace, prosperity and progress permanently bless the human race.

Unanimously Adopted by the Assembly of the Global Peace Summit on June 15th, 2017, in Kiev, Ukraine.