“Rehabilitation of Military Victims of PTSD”:

Phase I Project Results

September 26, 2017
Igor Prodan, M.D.

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The first phase of the “Rehabilitation of Military Victims of PTSD” project in Ukraine has been completed, and the results are very impressive.

The project enrolled 15 people, of whom 14 completed instruction in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

Rapid reductions in the symptoms of post-traumatic stress were seen even in the first few days of TM practice. Sleep improved, fears disappeared, and depression and aggressiveness decreased sharply. All the study participants became more open and cordial.

Renowned Academician Sergiy Maksymenko, along with the TM project leaders, conducted scientific research that confirmed these observations. The findings showed that health indicators (sleep, spiritual joy, and improvement of relationships) improved for the whole group by 80–90%.

The impact of these benefits on military families and friends was especially moving. Mothers and wives called the project leaders to thank them for returning sons and husbands to the family. One study participant gave the following account:

My mother always cried. She saw that I did not want to live, and was very afraid. My girlfriend left me. But now I feel great joy and confidence. I’ll call and tell you about my meeting with my mother…. My mom is smiling now, and my girlfriend came back to me.

A great celebration took place on the last day of the project, with many important guests from the government in attendance, as well as national television and the press.

The project’s success was so impressive that the project leaders received an invitation to give two major presentations on “Transcendental Meditation for the Military with PTSD” on October 2 at the military hospital of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense. One presentation will be for doctors, and the other will be for the military. The participants will come from all over Ukraine. This presentation will be followed by large TM courses for both doctors and military personnel.