Consciousness Based Defense:
The Ultimate in Psychological Operations

Col. Brian Rees, M.D.


Ukraine faces tension and conflict, particularly in the East.  And such societal tensions can lead to miscalculations, increasing the risk of further conflict. Psychological Operations are aimed at changing the minds of potential adversaries. In the battle for minds, brains themselves are nodes, and the relationships among minds are links that can be influenced by operations within the field of consciousness that underlies and connects them all. The collective thinking of the population from which an insurgency, a hostile ideology, or overt invasion emanates, may be regarded as a critical system or function that is an accessible decisive point.

Brain-Based Belligerency Reduction (or B3R)* in the form of groups of persons practicing a meditative technique known as Transcendental Meditation and related advanced techniques (the TM-Sidhi Program), can be applied to reduce hostilities in targeted populations. The underlying hypothesis is that consciousness is a field, and that effects generated in the field of consciousness can affect the brain chemistry, the thinking and the subsequent behavior of potential belligerents who are not engaged in or even aware of the practice. This hypothesis has been tested in over fifty studies that have documented marked reductions in combat deaths, crime, and terrorist acts related to the size of the groups practicing the intervention.

As a prospective Course of Action (COA), B3R is suitable and feasible, and readily distinguishable from virtually any other COA.

*Also known as Consciousness Based Defense Technology, Invincible Defense Technology, Strategic Stress Management, and Unified Field Based Defense Technology

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