Collective Consciousness and Transformation

of the Global Food and Agricultural System

John Fagan, Ph.D.


Strong scientific data has established a causal link between coherence in collective consciousness and reductions in armed conflict. Compelling but less rigorous evidence also links coherence in collective consciousness to advances in the sustainability, safety and healthfulness of our food system. For instance, the rapid reversal of the US food system from broad acceptance to widespread rejection of GMO foods correlates with a sharp increase in coherence in US collective consciousness, when a large permanent group of TM practitioners was assembled in Iowa, USA. Similarly during a period of high coherence in Japan’s collective consciousness, a series of exposés of corrupt practices in the food industry led to significant reforms and substantial improvements in food quality and safety.

Our work to improve food quality and safety, and the sustainability of our food system, relies on the momentum for transformation created by increased coherence in collective consciousness. Working at the nexus of industry trends, government policy, consumer demand, and scientific discovery, we identify key points, where we use the trim-tab effect to bring maximum change with minimum effort. Having achieved success using this strategy to catalyze rejection of GMOs in many nations, we are currently applying this strategy to pesticides and other toxic agrochemicals. The goal is to recreate our global agricultural and food system as regenerative and sustainable, not only nourishing the body, mind, heart and spirit, but also contributing to global balance and integration.