John Fagan, Ph.D.
International Director for Food Safety and Security

Dr. John Fagan is chairman and chief scientific officer of Global ID Group, an international company that verifies food purity, quality, and sustainability, and is principal investigator for several bio-safety research projects. He has conducted biomedical research at the US National Institutes of Health, examining molecular mechanisms in carcinogenesis. His research has been published in leading scientific journals and has been supported by millions of dollars in grant awards, including the prestigious National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology from Cornell University.

Dr. Fagan pioneered the development of innovative tools to verify food purity and sustainability, including testing methods to detect genetically engineered organisms in the food supply, the first certification program for non-genetically engineered foods, and a leading program for certifying corporate sustainability and ethics in the food and agricultural industries (ProTerra Certification). His expertise is sought by industry and government leaders, scientists, and the public, to whom he has presented hundreds of lectures around the world in the last decade.

Dr. Fagan was an early voice in the scientific debate on genetically engineered crops, and during the last 17 years has championed food purity, safety, nutrition, and food security around the world. He has worked globally to raise scientific questions regarding the health hazards of technologies such as genetic engineering, pesticides and food additives, and to uphold sustainable, agro-ecology-based technologies to assure a secure supply of pure, safe, healthy food for the world.