Guram Chachanidze, D.Sc.

Guram Chachanidze, D.Sc., is president of the International Academy of Sciences of Education Informatization, director of the European Education Center, and an Academician of three educational institutions: the International Academy of Science and Innovation Technologies, the Academy of Georgian Education Sciences, and the International Informatization Academy of the United Nations.

Dr. Chachanidze is a UNESCO expert in the field of language development in cyberspace. He is founder and president of the Georgian Sciences and Society Development Foundation “Intellect” and founder, editor in chief, and publisher of its international scientific journal Intellect.

Dr. Chachanidze is currently a professor at the Georgian Technical University. For many years he was head of the doctoral program and dissertation council at I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University, head of the Department of Informatics at Kutaisi State University, and head of the state exam commission at Sokhumi State University.

Dr. Chachanidze is the recipient of numerous awards and commendations, including an honorary doctorate from Zaman University of Cambodia, the Medal of Honor (since 1998), and the Ukrainian Medal of Yaroslav the Wise. In earlier work at the Tbilisi Metro Department, he was credited with 15 inventions, including intellectual property rights.

Dr. Chachanidze has edited three national mathematics manuals as well as 200 scientific works, guides, etc. in Georgia and internationally. He supervised the implementation of modern systems of management in numerous industrial and governmental settings, including the cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi and the Ministry of Justice. He has also worked on projects to translate the Georgian constitution and language for the Armenian and Azeri populations. He has been a scientist-consultant for disabled warriors and veterans, and he has organized numerous scientific symposia, including international conferences on peace.