Iurie Canaşin, Ph.D.

Iurie Canaşin is an advisor and member of the President’s Council in Moldova, a member of the Board of the Ministry of Culture, and an advisor to the International University of Management. He is also director of the Republican College of Fine Arts. His many international awards in science and the arts include the Order of the Republic of the President of Moldova, the Star of Romania/Commander of the President of Romania, and the gold medal for merits in education and the Order of Honor of the Academy of the CE/UNESCO in Ukraine.

As a social and political scientist for more than 40 years, Dr. Canaşin has been a frequent featured speaker at international symposia on science, education, culture, and the arts throughout Europe and Asia.

Dr. Canaşin is also a highly respected artist, whose works have been exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, and North America and have won many national and international prizes, including the silver medal for Contributions to the Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture in Russia.