René Raúl Drucker Colin, Ph.D.

Dr. René Drucker Colin conducts research and teaches at the Institute of Cellular Physiology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, where he is researcher emeritus. He was President of the Mexican Academy of Sciences from 2000 to 2002.

His current focus is molecular neuropathology and includes the effects of magnetic fields, adult stem cells, neurophysiology of sleep, nicotine and depression, and transplants in neurodegenerative processes. He has published 250 scientific papers and has developed science programs for radio and television for over 10 years, and both his research and journalism have been recognized worldwide.

In 2012 Dr. Drucker Colin was honored with the UNESCO Albert Einstein Medal in Science, given in India, for his ardent promotion of science. His numerous other awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1980, the National Prize of Sciences and Arts in 1987, the UNAM Scientific Research Award in 1988, the Prize of Mexican Health Foundation in 1995, and the Medical Excellence Award of the Ministry of Health in 2000.

Dr. Drucker Colin’s earlier academic positions include UNAM Head of Department, Neuroscience Institute of Cellular Physiology (1985–1990); Department Head of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine (1991–2000); and Coordinator of Scientific Research (2000–2007).

Dr. Drucker Colin became a psychologist in 1962 at UNAM. He earned his master’s degree in psychophysiology (1964) at Northern Illinois University, USA and his doctorate in physiology (1971) at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.