Vecram Addithyen, M.D.

Vecram Addithyen, M.D., is founder, director, and consultant physiologist in lifestyle medicine at Ufa World Clinics in Bangalore and the founding director of the Royal Academy of Home & Earth Management in India. He is director of the Unified Realities Foundation and a senior academy fellow at the International Entrepreneurship Academy in Intentac, Italy. He has also served as professor of Medical Sciences at Ajman University of Science & Technology in United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Addithyen received his M.D. in Physiology and a postgraduate diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India, and holds an MBBS degree from Madras University. He has over 14 years’ experience in the medical and management fields, with particular reference to new research in neuroscience.

Dr. Addithyen’s current research focus is the unifying principles at work in neuroscience, physics, and the human physiology that can help reveal the underlying core structuring dynamics of natural law at the basis of health, innovation, entrepreneurship, and world peace.