Advanced Military Science:
Incorporating a Field-Tested, Brain-Based Approach
to National Security

Lt. Colonel (ret.) Gunter Chassé


Military Science must integrate the latest scientific findings and newest application-oriented knowledge and experience to sustain the relative advantage of one’s own military force and to achieve victory in peace and war.

There have been 50 field studies showing that brain-based technologies (including Transcendental Meditation and its related advanced techniques) can reduce armed conflict, terrorism, crime rate, and violent fatalities (homicides, suicides, and motor vehicle fatalities).

These findings strongly suggest that a small auxiliary military force should be trained in these brain-based technologies in order to dissolve acute societal stress, which is the root cause of violence, terrorism, and war. With such an alternative complementary force, every military will be able to achieve a strategic advantage by preventing the outbreak of hostilities and achieving victory before war.

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