Introduction to the
Global Union of Scientists for Peace

 John Hagelin, Ph.D.


The mission of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) is fourfold:

  • Stop the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction;
  • Reduce the heavy reliance on violent means of conflict resolution;
  • Prevent the buildup of societal tensions that lead to terrorism and social conflict;
  • Research and promote the use of evidence-based, nonviolent approaches to preventing conflict, promoting national security, and achieving global peace.

In the twelve years since its founding, GUSP has identified very effective approaches for stopping war, terrorism, and social violence—and has implemented and field tested these solutions in countries around the world. In Latin America alone, twenty-two countries have adopted these solutions on a broad scale.

This Global Peace Summit will focus specifically on the unique problems of Ukraine, which as the meeting place of East and West is a point of friction in the world, and will explore scientifically confirmed solutions that can create a stable state of peace for Ukraine and for any other country.

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