Quantum Mechanisms of Societal Peace

 John Hagelin, Ph.D.


Extensive research has shown that large groups of peace-creating experts collectively practicing Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs can create measurable, positive changes in societal trends. But what are the underlying mechanisms that give rise to these outcomes? We explore a new model of social coherence, based on the most recent discoveries in physics and neuroscience, suggesting that consciousness is a field—a nonlocalized reality that extends far beyond the individual brain. In this model, powerful EEG coherence produced during TM practice radiates a coherent effect that contributes to large-scale social coherence.

Modern physics has identified progressively more unified levels of creation at finer time and distance scales. These physical layers of creation correspond to deeper levels of mind and feeling, which are reflected in the progressively more abstract structures of mathematics used to describe them. On an experiential level, these deeper levels of mind can be directly experienced during the Transcendental Meditation practice, through which one experiences finer and finer levels of mind until mental activity is transcended and pure consciousness, the unified field of natural law, is awake to itself alone. This experience leads naturally to a wide range of mental, physical, behavioral, and societal benefits.

The physics of quantum entanglement, through which particles separated by vast distances can instantaneously affect each other, provides a basis for understanding these mechanisms of societal change. Humans, too, share information on the quantum level through the frequency and intimacy of their interactions and the strength of their cultural bonds. Through TM practice and its advanced techniques, we can harness these deep levels of entanglement and create a powerful influence of coherence from the deepest level of our own lives, thereby generating correspondingly powerful coherence throughout the entire society.

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