The Scientific Basis of the

Peaceful Cohabitation of the World’s People

and GUSP’s Historic Role

Guram Chachanidze, D.Sc.


Caring for a peaceful world and for our own and each other’s countries should be the rule of every citizen’s lifestyle around the world! We should realize that conflicts, wars and bloodshed do not improve the lives of anyone. Conflicts and warfare between states contribute to the genocide of cultural relations, state interests, national self-consciousness and traditions; and they collapse and destroy the roots of peaceful cohabitation and ethnocultural, biological, social and spiritual unity among the world’s people.

Unfortunately, scientists have unintentionally contributed to so-called “cultural” genocide through the scientific achievement of destructive weaponry, from bows and arrows to nuclear arms. Dante Alighieri said, “If the world is shaking, we are the reason.” Thus, the main goal of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP)  is to accomplish the above-mentioned goals. And one of its main activities is this great forum “SCIENCE and PEACE.”

Georgia is a small but very old country, which has strived for self-preservation and self-assertion for thousands of years. Georgia has survived not only by winning battles against enemies but also through keen minds and peaceful methods based on the people’s diplomacy.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia was subjected to separatism, conflict, and hostile outside forces. Twenty percent of Georgian territory is occupied. But in spite of this, Georgia tries to reclaim territories in a peaceful way, and categorically rejects war activities.

This presentation will analyze the peaceful historic activity in the Caucasus region; the people’s diplomacy principles for peace; related topics and principles presented at earlier conferences; and recommendations for peace development.

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