New Worldview Paradigm for the Development of Peace and Security

Lt. General Vasyl Krutov, Ph.D.



Today’s civilizations must provide peace, safety and security for all people living on the Earth. Thousands of years of experience have proved the ineffectiveness of achieving it by means of traditional approaches. Threats and challenges in the sphere of world safety, global cataclysms and natural disasters are constantly increasing in accordance with natural and technical progress. If no drastic and decisive changes are made in organization processes of thinking and people’s life activities, life on the planet can become extinct. Humanity suffers from a global disorder of consciousness and needs a new worldview paradigm for its development.

The suggested paradigm is a synthetic one. It is based on a new system of knowledge about Man’s true nature. The Man is defined as a systematically connected object with nature and cosmos. Life is seen as a kind of organized energy-and-information process. Correct education and upbringing of people based upon this paradigm, shaping their expanded consciousness, should lead to the new system of Planet Safety and Security—the total impossibility of any wars, military conflicts or terrorist acts arising in the future.

The key role in implementing this new paradigm belongs to the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. Its practical activities and programs have proved the effectiveness of using non-military methods for saving and providing peace on our planet.

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