General Pattern of Global System Conflicts
and Global Threats of the 21st Century

 Myhailo Zghurovskyi


This report analyzes global trends in the changing world, and in particular, global security trends. Research began in 2000-2005. So in 2005, having performed data mining of big data on systemic world conflicts (wars that took more than 1000 lives), starting from 705 BC (, the Fibonacci pattern was revealed in these periodic processes. This allowed us to extrapolate into the future the revealed regularity and to analyze the fundamental characteristics of the coming global conflict and the set of global threats that generate it. Studies have shown that the apogee of this conflict falls in the middle of the 21st century, and its intensity will at times exceed the scale and destructive consequences of all previous conflicts.

If humanity will change the paradigm of “unlimited consumption” on a planetary scale to a paradigm of “harmonious coexistence and reasonable consumption” and radically transform its Techno sphere to be “Nature-like” (friendly to the human environment, based on the convergence of nano, bio-, informational, cognitive and socio-humanitarian technologies (NBICS)), it will ensure in the future the sustainability of the environment and continue its creative mission on the planet.

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