Anatoly Stanislavovich Sychevsky, Ph.D.

Anatoly Stanislavovich Sychevsky, Ph.D., is head of the Center for Psychological Support of the units of the Operations and Rescue Service of Civil Protection of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. In this role he carries out organizational-methodical guidance, coordination and control of psychological support of official activities of civil defense units, and psychological protection of the population in the event of a threat and emergencies. Since 2016, he has been the scientific correspondent of the Institute of Psychology by G.S. Kostiuk National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

Dr. Sychevsky is a graduate of Zhytomyr State Pedagogical Institute named by I. Franko (1996) and the postgraduate course of the National Pedagogical University by M.P. Drahomanova (2002), and is a candidate of psychological sciences.

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