Treating the Epidemic of Stress

 Norman Rosenthal, M.D.


Today’s world is very stressful. We see steep rises in anxiety and depression, which can be emotionally and physically debilitating, and in impulsive negative behavior, which can create damaging effects on others. When stress impacts us, we experience a surge in both the emotional and physical domains. But the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique acts like a surge protector, buffering us against external stressors. With that protection, 90% of those surges fall away, leaving us with an open, stress-free mind and the creativity to innovate and accomplish what we want to accomplish.

The benefits of TM practice, especially for reducing stress, have been confirmed by hundreds of research articles. Studies show that TM meditators respond quickly to environmental stressors but then settle down promptly, whereas nonmeditators experience several additional surges after the initial stressor. Blood pressure settles down with TM practice, which benefits the heart and brain over the long term; research indicates a 23% lower death rate and 33% reduction in heart attacks and strokes years later. And TM likewise reduces anxiety, depression, and impulsive behavior.

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